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View Master System
Dental Dynamic Imaging System


Introducing NeoImaging and NeoCaine concepts

US Patent No. 8,430,563
EPO No. 2,434,955
US Patent No.: 6,543,936
US Patent Application No. 20160354326


Comprises the next generation of high quantum efficiency microlens-based and back illuminated flat panel detectors, large format adaptive optics wave-front sensing, dental imaging sensors and low dose x-ray sources resulting in significant dose reduction, higher resolution and dynamic/live visualization
Dental Dynamic Imaging System

DDiS intends to simplify dental procedures by making them easier, safer and more efficient to perform through an innovative dynamic real-time imaging technology via the miniaturization of the medical fluoroscope for dental use

View Master System

VMS is intended to provide high quality resolution at significantly lower radiation dose than current state of the art. The VMS™ viewfinder will allow aiming prior to taking an x-ray, like a cell phone/digital camera, thereby preventing mistakes and reducing patient’s overexposure caused by repeating radiographs

3D Imaging System

Low dose / small pixel size CBCT scan and flat panel detectors for medical radiography, fluoroscopy, CT scans and mammography

No Sting. Rapid Onset. Longer Duration. Better Aftertaste


Michael Sinsheimer:
Chairman & Co-Founder

Mr. Sinsheimer is the founder of Medtech Catalyst, which has founded or co-founded several medical and dental device companies. He is co-founder and Chairman of Mobius Imaging, LLC as well as the co-founder and CEO of Cardan Robotics. Prior to that, Mr. Sinsheimer has had various key management roles as President of Integrated Marketing Concepts, a consulting firm advising healthcare product companies; VP of Marketing and Strategic Planning for the Straumann Company, a dental implant company that grew to several hundred million in revenue; and Marketing Manager at Pfizer, Inc. Mike holds an MHA from the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health and an MBA from the Stern School of Graduate Business at New York University.

Daniel Uzbelger Feldman: 
CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel has 23 years of experience in dentistry; as a clinician, entrepreneur and in Academia in two different countries. He is the inventor of the first-ever microlens / back-illuminated CMOS-based low-dose digital video imaging device for dentistry / low-dose ultra high definition flat panel detector / large format adaptive optics wave-front sensor and is the author of a seminal work on the comparison of existing dental imaging technologies to medical fluoroscopes.  Dr. Uzbelger has put together device development, testing and FDA clearance proposals as well as strategic partnership opportunities and the RTI Tech management team. In 2014, he was granted with the Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Dare-to-Dream Medtech Design Challenge Reader's Choice Award. In 2013, he was the recipient of the William H. Rollins Award granted by the American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology. In addition, his team has won 3 consecutive awards at Temple University business plan competition series including the first prize in science and technology in the business plan competition.

Design and characterization of NeoCaine is also on its way through strategic partnerships he has established.


Published Research

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